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  • What is the beforeUdig service?

    beforeUdig is a referral service for information on underground infrastructure for an identified excavation site. It connects those who intend to excavate in touch with underground asset owners who are Members of the beforeUdig service. The asset owners respond by providing information, in the form of plans, on the location of any underground pipes and cables, along with information on how to work safely and carefully whilst excavating in the vicinity of underground assets.

  • Who should use the beforeUdig service?

    Anyone intending to carry out any excavation work should first lodge an enquiry before commencing the works: Builders, contractors, farmers, excavation companies, councils, landscapers, underground network maintenance workers, plumbers, home owners, and cable and pipe location companies. Even if you are planning any excavation activity on your own property, you should contact beforeUdig.

  • How does beforeUdig work?

    Enquiries can be lodged online anytime at www.beforeudig.ie during business hours. Upon completion of your enquiry lodgement you will receive a Confirmation Sheet from beforeUdig which provides details of the asset owners affected and enables you to ensure the recorded dig site is correct. The asset owners will then send you plans detailing the location of their underground infrastructure.
    It is important to note that not all Asset Owners are registered with the beforeUdig service so it is important that you identify and contact any asset owners not listed.

  • Why should I use the service before I begin excavation?

    Underground pipes and cables carry vital services such as water, electricity, communications and gas - damaging them can cause widespread disruption and in some cases isolate entire communities from these essential basic services. There is also the risk of personal injury and incurring significant financial penalties if you damage underground infrastructure. beforeUdig is your first step to safe excavation.

  • How much does it cost to obtain a location plan?

    It is free to use the beforeUdig service to gather information on the possible presence of underground assets in and around your proposed excavation site, and to request plans and locate services.

  • What type of information is provided?

    Underground location plans provide information about the presence of assets only - they do not pinpoint the exact location of the cables and pipes. It is the excavator’s responsibility to visually expose the cable or pipe manually by using hand tools before any construction begins. The asset owner may provide other information such as safe digging practices, contact details and a request for more information.

  • Why are individuals being held financially liable for damage to the networks?

    There are many incidents of damage to underground networks throughout Ireland each year, resulting in significant direct and indirect costs. Most of this damage occurs as a result of ignorance, carelessness or even blatant disregard for the networks. Individual and company liability for cable and pipe damage has been introduced by many utilities to make individuals take responsibility for avoiding such damage. Litigation activity may be commenced against individuals or companies where negligence can be proved.

  • Are all organisations with underground networks covered by the beforeUdig service?

    Not yet. The service is actively recruiting new members all the time and the aim is to have all companies with underground networks on board in the near future.

  • If I have underground assets how can I become a member of the beforeUdig service?

    We are keen to continue the expansion of the beforeUdig service with the addition of new members. To get started with the process of becoming a member, or even if you want to understand more about what beforeUdig membership can offer in regards to protecting your Organisations assets, go to Contact Us.

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Account Settings

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  • Can I set default settings for each enquiry?

    Yes, setting defaults for your enquiry will speed up your enquiry process. Click the “Settings” button after logging into beforeUdig. You can then select the different settings that you would like to set as your defaults, click the "Submit" button once you have made your changes.

  • Can I edit my account details?

    Yes, click the Account button after logging into beforeUdig. Once you have made your changes be sure to click the "Update" button.

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  • What if I cannot find the location I am looking for?

    Have you tried the other search options available at “Search Type”? (Coordinate, EirCode/Town, Road name)? You can also try entering the nearest town into the "Town" search method and then use the navigation tools to position the map precisely on the location you require.

  • Which drawing tool should I use?

    When you perform a search the map will be automatically positioned with a circle at the centre of your map. If this covers the area you require information for, then you can continue to the next step. If you prefer to draw your site on the map, then you have three drawing tools available:

    1) Line – the Line tool allows you to draw a line to represent your activity
    2) Area (Polygon) – this tool is used to draw the outline of an area
    3) Circle – at the centre of your site, lick and drag outwards. This will result in a circle being drawn to cover your site.

    Important: when using the drawing tools, left click to change direction; to complete the action just double click.

  • Is there a limit to the size of an enquiry which I can submit?

    Yes, the size of an enquiry is limited for each specific drawing tool as follows:

    Line – 5km

    Area – 1kmsq

    Circle – 25m to 1km (Diameter)

  • I have submitted an enquiry, what should I do now?

    Details of your enquiry and your contact information will be passed onto all Asset Owners/Members who are protected by beforeUdig. You will be advised whether they have been “Notified”, in which case they will respond directly to you on whether you need to send additional information. Members (the Asset Owners) are requested to use their best endeavours to respond directly to you with plans within two clear business days.

    Important: Do not start work until you have written permission from all Asset Owners.

  • Can I change or cancel an existing enquiry?

    Once you submit your enquiry the information is automatically processed and passed onto our Asset Owners/Members. If you wish to cancel or amend your enquiry you need to use the help widget on the enquiry screen to contact support and request the desired action.

  • How will Asset Owners respond to my request?

    All Asset Owners are requested to respond directly to you in regards to how they will require you to manage this dig site. Responses will vary from actual asset plans being sent, the Asset Owner informing you they don’t have assets in the area. If critical underground assets are present in your intended dig site, the Asset Owner may choose to provide stand over services during the excavation.

  • What is the Enquiry Confirmation used for?

    The Enquiry Confirmation is your record of the Asset Owners/Members who have had their Zones of Interest searched against your enquiry details. A Request has been sent to each Asset Owner with your contact details. When you receive correspondence back from the Asset Owners you should tick them off the list. In the case of Members, you may need to send further information to them and they will then respond once the information has been received. It is very important that you make sure you receive information from all Asset Owners/Members on the list provided before commencing any works. For contractors it is a good idea to always keep this confirmation page with your job site packs and use at pre start meetings to ensure you are aware of the utilities present.

  • An Asset Owner has not responded, what can I do?

    You should contact any Asset Owners listed on your Caller Confirmation sheet who have failed to respond to your enquiry within five business days of lodging your enquiry. Use the contact phone number provided against each asset owner and quote the relevant sequence number.

  • I have not received my confirmation sheet, what should I do?

    You can have the Enquiry Confirmation sheet re-emailed to you, go to the Home screen and click on the History button. Perform a search for your enquiry and click “Resend PDF” button. This will result in the same Enquiry Confirmation being emailed back to you.

    Always check your Junk email box; you may need to change these settings so that future emails go to your inbox.

  • How long is the information valid for?

    The information provided to you by Asset Owners/Members will normally explain how long that information is valid for. As validation periods can vary depending on the Asset Owners requirements, always check if you are not sure of the validation period. If your plans have expired, you must order a new set by submitting a further enquiry. You can select the original enquiry in the history screen and click resubmit.

  • How long do I have to wait to receive plans?

    In most cases Asset Owners & Members will use their best endeavours to contact you within two clear business working days with plans and / or instructions on how the site is to be managed. Under no circumstances should you commence work until you have written permission from all the Asset Owners listed on your Caller Confirmation sheet. In some cases where postage is required, plans may take longer to arrive.

  • How can I get help using the online enquiry system?

    Online Help is available throughout the service. Simply click on the orange question marks in each section. If you still require assistance, please use the help widget on the enquiry screen to contact support or call us about your query on 045 484 040.

  • Does beforeUdig hold asset information on behalf of Asset Owners/Members?

    No, beforeUdig does not hold asset location information on behalf of Asset Owners or Members.

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  • Can I resubmit old enquiries?

    You can have the Enquiry Confirmation sheet re-emailed to you, go to the Home screen and click on the History button. Perform a search for your enquiry and click “Resend PDF” button. This will result in the same Enquiry Confirmation being emailed back to you.

    Always check your Junk email box; you may need to change these settings so that future emails go to your inbox.

  • Can I view a history of all my enquiries?

    To view a list of previous enquiries, log on to the online enquiry service and from the “Home” screen click on the “History” button. This will allow you to search for specific enquiries.

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Registration and Password

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  • How do I register to use beforeUdig?

    Click the “New User? Register Here” link from the beforeUdig Homepage. Once you have submitted your contact details you will receive an email with further instructions on how to access the service.

  • How do I validate my email address?

    Once you have registered you will automatically be sent an email from the service with instructions on how to validate your email address. The email contains a link that will confirm to the service that you have received the email. Once you validate your email address you can access the service immediately.

  • Can I use the service if I do not validate my email address?

    You cannot use the service if you do not validate your email address. beforeUdig needs to confirm that you have a valid email address before sending you any further correspondence such as an Enquiry Confirmation. Asset Owners are provided with your email address so they can respond to your enquiry directly.

  • How do I login to beforeUdig?

    Within the login area on the beforeUdig Homepage you can enter your username and password to gain access to the service.

  • I have forgotten my password, how can I retrieve it?

    Passwords can be reset using this link. Simply type in your Username and Email address then click on “Send”. Your password will be reset and the details will be emailed to you.

  • Can I change my password?

    Yes, Login to the application, Click the "Account" button and you will be presented with your details. Ensure you click the "Update" button once you have made your changes.

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System/Computing Requirements

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  • What Browsers do you support?

    • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 8 and above
    • Firefox version 10 and above
    • Apple Safari version 5 and above
    • Google Chrome version 15 and above.

  • Do I have to use an email service?

    Yes. A valid email address is required to logon to the BeforeUdig services.

  • Do I need to be connected to the Internet?

    Yes. The device you are using (Mobile, Tablet or Desktop) will need to be connected to the Internet via a Broadband or mobile 4G service.

  • Do I need a particular screen resolution?

    Yes. BeforeUdig services are best viewed on a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768.

  • What is Java and do I need it?

    Yes you need Java.

    Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. There are lots of applications and websites that will not work unless you have Java installed, and more are created every day. Java is fast, secure and reliable and used on all kinds of devices – from laptops to datacenters, game consoles to scientific super computers, cell phones to the Internet.

    Java is available from Java.com

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