A member of the beforeUdig service is any asset owner who has registered with the service and submitted an Area of Interest within which they wish to receive notifications of construction activity. This includes utility companies, local authorities, owners of transport infrastructure and large manufacturing facilities or data centres where the continuity of service is critical to operation. Typical members of the beforeUdig services around the world include electricity companies, gas companies, water companies, telecommunications companies, and local authorities (to assist with permitting and the protection of traffic infrastructure, street furniture, etc.).

beforeUdig Members get the benefit of greater awareness of construction activity in the vicinity of their assets allowing them to distribute plans and supervise construction work if necessary to reduce the likelihood of damage to the asset.

A list of beforeUdig members.

A beforeUdig member is any utility, local authority or similar organisation that wants to protect its underground assets from damage and/or interruption.

beforeUdig OneCall service members respond to large numbers of asset location enquiries; often requiring valuable time and resources.