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How beforeUdig works

Accessing information regarding the presence of underground pipes and cables is made quick and easy using the online beforeUdig service. Follow the steps below to get access and to begin registering your works and getting access to Utility plans.

How does beforeUdig work for Contractors?

  • Register: Click the "Login" button and then the "Register" option and submit your contact details. This will then allow you to submit enquiries via the beforeUdig service.
  • Submit your enquiry: Before commencing any digging activities, you need to request plans for your dig site with beforeUdig. This process involves you supplying details about your proposed works with beforeUdig.
  • Asset owners notified: Once your enquiry is submitted, beforeUdig will determine which beforeUdig members will be affected by your proposed works. Each of these Members are sent details describing your proposed works and your contact details so they can respond directly to you with information about their assets.
  • Confirmation Advice: Once you have submitted yoru enquriy you will be emailed a Confirmation Advice abotu your enquiry, this will list teh Affected Members of the beforeUdig service.

How does beforeUdig work for Utilities?

  • Becoming a member: By becoming a member of beforeUdig you will receive knowledge of who is planning works that could effect your infrastructure. The process of registering as a member of beforeUdig is very simple, this has been detailed below.
  • Nomimate your Area: The first key step to regsitering as a Member is to register your Area of Interest, this can ben described as the footprint of your infrastructure. beforeUdig does not require your full infrastructure details in GIS format. We require an area around your infrastructure so we can qualify when an enquiry is in or near your area.
  • Receive notifications: Once you are registered as a Member you will receive notifications of works near your infrastructure, this includes all details provided by the contractor.
  • Respond to notifications: Responses from beforeUdig members can take a number of forms, generally a letter indicating the level of potential risk to the assets within close proximity, plus a plan or map to illustrate the locations of the assets in relation to the original request.