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What is beforeUdig

beforeUdig is an online service which enables anyone undertaking excavation works to obtain information on the location of underground pipes and cables in and around any proposed dig site; helping to protect themselves and valuable assets during these works.

It provides a ‘one stop shop’ for contractors to communicate about their planned activities with utilities and asset owners.

Solutions developed by PelicanCorp since 2001 are at the core of the ‘Before You Dig’ industries in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore and the UK. These solutions drive plan request and plan response processes, helping to protect assets and to create safer working conditions.


The beforeUdig service aims to:

  • Simplify the process of requesting plans for a dig site
  • Reduce the number of personal injuries
  • Protect underground assets from interruption and preventable damage
  • Provide a single point of request for information on where underground assets are located