Years preventing damage
enquiries lodged in 2021
utility and asset owners nationally
beforeUdig is a FREE online service which enables anyone undertaking excavation works to obtain information on the location of cables, pipes and other utility assets in and around any proposed dig site, helping to protect themselves and valuable assets during these works. In most cases it provides a ‘one stop shop’ for contractors to communicate about their planned activities with member utilities and authorities.
Always use beforeUdig and perform a request for the presence of any cables and pipes.
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A free online service for requesting information prior to commencing excavation works
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Home owners, contractors, builders, planners and anyone planning to break the ground
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Duane RodgersDuane Rodgers
PelicanCorp CEO

“We are on a mission to provide a revolutionary set of solutions and services for essential infrastructure protection”

E-Ticket Enquiries

An E-Ticket online enquiry is an asset location plan request created and entered into the beforeUdig database through our online service. The beforeUdig interactive system can process Design, Excavation and Resubmit tickets.
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