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beforeUdig membership

Why join beforeUdig service

A beforeUdig member is any utility, local authority or similar organisation that wants to protect its underground assets from damage and or interruption. Asset owners become members of the beforeUdig service by registering the location of their underground assets and will then receive notifications of any intended works lodged as an enquiry with the beforeUdig service. By doing this, asset owners will be notified immediately when contractors or others who use beforeUdig are planning to excavate in or around their assets.

Contractors use beforeUdig because it is easy to submit a single enquiry and quickly make contact with all relevant asset owners.

Benefits of becoming a member

  • Minimise the risk of service interruption
  • Ensure continuity of supply of essential services
  • Prevent injuries to workers
  • Reduce or avoid potential financial losses
  • Improve public image
  • Managie risk
  • Leverage from enquiries made of other utilities
  • Reduce costs in responding to plan requests


Membership Options

beforeUdig provides three levels of membership for any company wishing to protect their infrastructure. It is important to note that only enquiries that intersect your registered area(s) of interest will be sent to you.


Basic membership is the entry level method to protect your infrastructure via the beforeUdig service, once you have joined you will receive an email with a PDF document attached which includes all the relevant details (caller details, site details, map of site)for you to use to respond to the enquiry.

Plan Response Software

This option includes software that is installed at your site/office that helps the process of responding to enquiries produced via the beforeUdig service.

Plan Response Hosted Service

The Hosted Response Service includes a full response service being hosted on your behalf, this means that a copy/synchronized version for your spatial data is required to create autmatic plans for each enquiry.


Becoming a member

Contact us immediately if you are interested in protecting your underground assets.

To become a member of the beforeUdig service we will need some information about your assets and organisation including:

  • An area of interest or geographic boundary encompassing the locations of your assets
  • An email address for the referral of notifications
  • An email address for general communications
  • Corporate details

The more we can understand about your business the better we can tailor our service to your needs.